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How we love to adore shiny new things! It makes us feel all warm and tingling inside. To achieve that upvote, like or golden star on your forehead if one can reference the newest tech in a tweet or an interview. I am guilty as charged!

Each year companies spend billions on new technology as they feel like they might get outdated in the tech arena. On the other side of the spectrum there are developers, the executors of ambitious product roadmaps, who seem to be hopscotching from new…

Building a lean DWH with Python, SQLAlchemy, PostgreSQL & Cron

One of my pet peeves the last couple of years while working with startups was; SMEs relies to much on manual data collection tasks. At my last company there was a guy that dedicated at least a couple of days a month for manual data collection tasks (i.e. updating core KPIs). This is precious time that could have been dedicated to other tasks to drive value for the company (i.e. setting up marketing or A/B testing campaigns). This peeve has pushed me to learn more about automation, which the…

99 Problems, but no more “Signal 9 Error”-blues

In short: This post is about processing large amounts of data with python on a remote AWS RDS cluster via Pandas and Pymysql.

The Problem:

I love and often use Redash for various reasons, but this week I had to solve a particular problem, which Redash was not designed to handle well (which is totally understandable). My problem was:

How to query a relatively large amount of data from AWS and do various other slicing (without getting a signal 9 error).


After reading the redash documentation, I figured out that it is the…

Quickly visualize dynamic data with Google Drive, Sheets, BigQuery & Redash

Your business is growing up and its’ needs are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. As a data minion (my quirky reference to data analysts / scientists / engineers) you can quickly add value to your company without breaking the bank.

Tools, Glorious Tools!

With this tutorial you will be able to start your company’s data warehouse solution lean, and scale thereafter. The tools you need for this workflow are:

  • Google Account for BigQuery, Drive, Sheets and Cloud Console
  • Redash Hosted Account (or Redash Self-Hosted Account)

Steps to complete this workflow:

Step 1: Create a Sheet

  • Create data…

I follow the Google advertisers group from time to time to help answer some of the community questions. There was one question that popped up, which I thought I would answer with a longer post.

The Question…


Insightfull tasks to optimise your startup’s worflows.

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